Have you ever thought?

"I wish I had a group in where I could share the struggle of balancing it all."

Or wondered?

“I don't know how other professional women do it - I want to know their secrets."

Or felt?

“I just need to decompress with a group of women in medicine who get me."

That is the beauty of our
Pinnacle community.

When we put together the first Pinnacle conference, we never anticipated the true camaraderie that every attendee would experience. The support, connectivity, and wisdom sharing is unmatched.


Because together we support each other in all the many beautifully unique paths we choose to take.  

Pinnacle Community is for you if:

  • You're a woman in medicine, trying to harmonize work and life
  • The notion of perfectly imperfect resonates with you and you want to share and hear from women across all other specialties who believe in this also. 
  • You're facing difficult decisions regarding work and family and no longer want to feel isolated or guilty. 
  • You want to excel in your professional career and cultivate the ideal environment for success.

Join a community of women supporting women.

Join Now

Yoga Sessions with Dr. Lori Atkins

Twice a month, join us as we navigate mindfulness in medicine with Ob/Gyn and certified yoga instructor, Dr. Lori Atkins.

There's something unique and special about being guided by a woman in medicine, who knows and feels the challenges of balance we all deal with daily.

You will also get access to all prior yoga sessions in the yoga library to repeat as you desire.

Happy Hours (with a purpose)

Twice a month, we'll gather virtually to informally discuss topics that are near and dear to our hearts.

* Time management

* Self care routines

* Work-life balance

* Secrets to professional success

* Special arts, crafts, and bonding experiences for your creativity

All curated, collected, and lead by one of our 4 Pinnacle founders.

Lectures and Guest Speakers

Twice a month, we'll dive deep into the teaching concept of the month, relating it back to the medical journey. Ranging from inspirational to educational, you'll be sure to find value and actionable strategies here.


Being a woman in medicine can be lonely. Having the support of like-minded women who want to lift you up makes all the difference.

You'll have access to an exclusive online community of women in health care. There is so much we can learn from one another when a safe space is created for collaboration & support.  


Every Month We Focus On A Topic






*annual members will track growth and development across
these 4 key areas throughout the year. 

Monthly Membership


Grow each month

  • Two yoga sessions/month and access to the yoga library of past classes
  • Two relaxed discussions in happy hour format a month that are laser focused on the topic of the month and growth
  • Lectures and guest speakers twice  a month who will bring a fresh perspective
  • Deep dive into each topic during the session, month by month
  • Access to all videos and workbooks as long as you're a member